The Best Possible Sites For Exceptional Freelance Work

The Best Possible Sites For Exceptional Freelance Work

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
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The Importance Of The Freelance Marketplace

Many individuals today want to be their own boss. This has led to an upswing in the volume of the freelance marketplace. Since their income, and future is dependent on their freelance work, accessing jobs is critical. As the market evolves, sites are providing the connection between employers, and freelancers through a streamlined platform. These connections are crucial for success, and the competition is fierce. Some of the best sites are listed below.



There are approximately 17 million registered users on Freelancer, although they have not all remained active. Despite this fact, the site has retained their extremely competitive edge. The sites strategies include hosting contests to help employers succeed with their outsourcing. The perspective employer posts a project on the site, and offers a cash prize. The projects then receive bids, and submissions from numerous individuals. This is an excellent way for freelancers to demonstrate their individual skills, creativity, and talent. The employer benefits with the ability to review numerous options for their project. For individuals experienced in their perspective fields, this presents an exceptional opportunity.



This site is specialized for skills in relation to the world of the web. The benefits for marketers, SEO experts, web designers, and web developers are exceptional. PeoplePerHour constructed their site for businesses interested in finding all their required talent in one location. They offer a platform to streamline web building into a sensational experience. The site has succeeded in making the process as simple as possible with a tool they call WorkStream. This tool allows all the communications, payments, and management between the employers, and the freelancers to be taken care of in just one location. This tool offers convenience, simplicity, and ease for all parties involved.



Upwork is considered a giant in the industry of freelance. They have the largest network available in the industry with a clear margin. Upwork was created when two separate freelance job sites merged. Prior to the merger, these sites were Elance, and oDesk. The sites members currently exceed nine million freelance workers, and they offer different job options. Their services encompass remote jobs including everything from paralegal work, to a virtual assistant. Some of their projects offer a fixed price, while others are paid hourly. It is important to note any technical assessments, and the actual interview process is left strictly to the clients. The outsourcing of the freelancer is reliant on the decision of the clients, and entirely dependent on which individuals have caught their interest. The clients are not provided any screening, or vetting by Upwork.



99Designs is based out of Oakland, California, in the Bay area. This site was created strictly for designers only. Their freelance platform is both unique, and extremely creative. Clients have the ability to scroll through numerous freelance profiles. The clients are then able to crowdsource their projects. The process is a contest, and begins when the client fills out the basics detailing their project. The work of the available designers is then submitted using the client’s brief to direct their work. The best submission is chosen by the client, and the money is awarded to the winning design, and designer. When the client chooses, they can continue their work with the designer so a fully-fledged version of their design can be completed based on their work for the contest. There are more than a million designers on the 99Designs site, and their transactions between designers, and clients have exceeded $100 million. Although their business model is considered rather unusual, it is obviously working exceptionally well for 99Designs.


Simply Hired

This site incorporates a much wider range than the majority of freelance job sites. This is because Simply Hired does not focus on only freelance work. Although this is included, they are essentially a large job directory. Their site boasts 24 separate countries, 974 different occupations, 6 million jobs, and 700 thousand unique employers. The following of Simply Hired is enormous, and more than 30 million visitors are supported by the site every month. When these searches are calculated for a year, the result is approximately one billion searches. Although Simply Hired is not dedicated strictly to freelance work, they are too large to be ignored.

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