Ways To Navigate The Job Search

Ways To Navigate The Job Search

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Job or internship hunting can be perplexing, tough, and unpleasant at times. The phases outlined in this resource will assist you in remaining focused and productive throughout your quest. You should review each phase as your expertise and comprehension of roles and industries expand. Each stage below is described without regard for a particular industry or position. To customize your experience, it is preferable to book a session with your Advisor for Career Exploration (ACE) or a Business Career Advisor. The questions we’ve included at each phase are intended to assist you in reflecting on your readiness and identifying any additional information you may require to proceed with the process.


Keep Your Documents Ready

I usually advocate customizing your résumé and any accompanying materials (i.e., Cover Letter) for each company. Which of your talents, experiences, and education are directly applicable to this company? Determine why you wish to work for that organization and in that position. Being decisive can aid in your job search success, as can directly contacting the recruiting contact or the perfect point person at that organization. Depending on their capacity, they may never study online résumés, or they may find a few excellent applicants who applied immediately and then cease looking. Utilize tools such as LinkedIn and company websites to locate the appropriate contact.

Do Online And Offline Networking

I suggest 60% networking, 20% online searches, and 20% skill development. While networking and recommendations to firms are undoubtedly the greatest ways to have your foot in the door, you’ll like to be crystal clear about why you’re pursuing that position and company via internet job search research prior to investing significant time in networking. While there will be times in your career when you desire to pivot, it is critical to support your talk with action. Online learning can help you close skills gaps or you can develop a website to demonstrate what you can provide to the organization. The evidence demonstrates your commitment to pivoting your career and having this organization make a move on you.

Here Are Some Pointers To Assist You In Navigating Your Job Hunt During COVID-19:

  • Prepare for an extended hiring procedure.
  • Prepare to apply for five to ten times the number of jobs that you intended to apply for prior to the COVID-19 outbreak.
  • Schedule time each day for job searching and application. Finding work takes work.
  • Maintain an up-to-date web profile.
  • Ascertain that your social media presence accurately represents you.
  • Utilize internet job search engines like Handshake, Fortunately, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.
  • Accept a temporary position to demonstrate your ability.
  • Customize your cover letter and CV for each job for which you apply.
  • Create job notifications for each internet search engine.
  • Prior to the actual interview, conduct an online or phone interview.
  • Concentrate on honing your elevator speech. Retell the story repeatedly.
  • Conduct a search for recruiting firms. The healthcare sector requires personnel. Thousands of jobs are available at companies such as Aldi, Amazon, Walgreens, and Pepsi. Apple, Facebook, and Google are all recruiting thousands of employees in cybersecurity, machine learning, and software engineering.



This article aimed to assist you with job navigation tactics. The above points are about the importance of document preparation, job search, and networking. Never be scared to explore for opportunities from outside your comfort bubble. Don’t limit yourself to the industry and employment role that you are familiar with. Expand your search and look for opportunities that match your skill set.

Consider other revenue streams like freelance or part-time work for a variety of companies. Take care not to ingest an excessive amount of news concerning unemployment levels and the economy’s slump. Rather than that, stay focused on your objective and remember that while a work is necessary to earn money, its absence does not represent your value as a person. Try these, best of luck. Keep Visiting!

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