10 Ways To Make Money By Playing Video Games

10 Ways To Make Money By Playing Video Games

by Sumaiya Minnat
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Make Money By Playing Video Games

Did you know that you could earn millions of dollars just by playing the video games you enjoy? Well, the gaming industry today makes three times more money than the music or movie industry (source: SuperData Research). It is found that two in every five people now play video games and the approximate number of gamers today is more than 3 billion (Source: Newzoo). The industry, therefore, offers countless opportunities for video game lovers to earn money. Here we will discuss some ways to turn your hobby into a money-making venture.


Be A Video Games Tutor

Not everyone has the skills to play video games without any guidance. Many people look for a video games tutor to help them learn gaming tactics. The work is flexible and you can work from home as well.


Participate In Gaming Tournaments

The gaming tournaments offer a huge amount of cash prizes to the winner. So, you can participate in different gaming tournaments to try your luck on the cash prize. You should know that the bigger the tournament, the more the prize money. These competitions are very competitive and you need to be good at playing the games.


Become A Games Tester

Gaming companies hire testers to test the games before releasing them to the market. The testers play these games to test the functionality and find bugs. You can become a games tester if you are a frequent player.


Play Games On Social Media

You can earn money by playing games on social media. This way you can become a gaming influencer and build up a huge number of fans and followers. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok are good platforms. You can share funny videos related to gamers or give suggestions for playing games.


Write Video Game Reviews

As new games are coming up almost every month, it can be challenging for gamers to choose a game to play. You can review the latest games and this way the gamers can select the games they want to play. You can start a video games blog where you can post your reviews regularly. Along with reviews, you can share industry news. Once you have enough readers, you can monetize your blog.


Live Streaming

You can live stream your gameplay. Many people love watching other people play to get tips from them, witness great gameplay, or connect with the gaming community. When others watch you play, they can make donations, get paid subscriptions, or buy tickets to watch different live-stream events. You can attract advertisers and affiliate marketers too. You can do live streaming on platforms like Twitch, YouTube Gaming, or Facebook Gaming.


Make Game Guides Or Tutorials

You can create game guides or tutorials for those who are interested to learn a new game. People are willing to see tutorials for getting advanced gaming tips or industry news as well. Instead of making YouTube tutorials, you can write gaming guides. You can sell these guides through your website too.


Become A Video Game Developer

If you have the creativity and talent, you can make your own game. You need to have programming knowledge to develop games. You must be familiar with animation and 3D graphics too.


Host A Gaming Podcast

You can share your gaming knowledge with others by hosting a podcast and including things like game reviews, industry news, question-and-answer sessions with the audience, and interviews with gaming experts. You can earn from brand sponsorships, advertising revenue, and by promoting affiliate marketing products.


Become A Game Affiliate Marketer

You can earn easy money by becoming a game affiliate marketer. If someone purchases a gaming product through your link then you will get a commission. Even if someone downloads a game through your link, you will earn a commission.



Overall, you have a lot of scope to earn money by playing games. If Richard Tyler Blevins (popularly known as Ninja) can earn about $17 million playing video games, you can earn a decent amount of money for a living by playing games. All you need to have are the passion and skills needed for playing the games.

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