How To Make Money On eBay

How To Make Money On eBay

by Susmita Dutta
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Not only Amazon, but you can earn money on eBay too. It is one of the most successful e-commerce sites that help you to run a fast and profitable online business. You can sell anything here, even the unwanted stuff.
If you want to earn extra cash through eBay, follow this guide until the end. You will learn some amazing tips here.


What Is The Average Payout An eBay Seller Makes?

You may be shocked to know that, but it’s true; the eBay seller earns approximately $35,000 per year. Some top-rated sellers earn more than that, like $70,000, and some make a few thousand per year.
This depends on factors like how much inventory you can sell, the price you set on your product, and any extra expenses like shipping costs. So, navigate some more easy and effective stats of eBay selling.


1. Create An Account

Before you start selling the products on eBay, you need to have an account there. You can create either a personal account or a business one. You can go for a business account if you are dealing with these –

  • Reselling products or dealing with bulk listings.
  • Listing the products on eBay as a brand owner and manufacturer.
  • You generate large quantities of sales regularly. A business account reduces the charges on your every sale and generates better exposure.
  • Business accounts always get more flexibility in the quantity of postings.

Though you can switch your account type anytime.
Once the account is created, give an appropriate eBay name that shows trust. Set up a PayPal account to receive fast payment when you sell your first item. Don’t forget to manage some shipping supplies before you list your products.


2. Prepare Your Listing

Now, it’s time to start selling your products. Collect the items from your house or any other place you don’t want to use anymore. Research a bit before you create your box of things to sell.
Once you start listing your items, you will see a form that needs to be filled with your product details, upload photos, and give an optimized title, including price, shipping rate, or any other necessary information.

NOTE: If you are a beginner, then start with BOOK. It is the best and easy item to list due to its size and shape. It keeps the shipping process simple, and you can determine the price easily.


3. Optimize Your Listing

Once you have decided to do online selling on eBay, your goal should be to make the listing more attractive and grab potential buyers. Follow those sellers who are generating sales. Notice whether they offer free shipping or use specific keywords in their titles.
Give an optimized product title within 80 characters and keep it simple so that it can easily be identified. Include two primary keywords in your title and use the brand name, size, product color, attributes, and product condition in the description.

NOTE: You can use acronyms to list products. Buyers and Sellers both are familiar with such terms as “NWT” (New With Tags) or “GUC” (Good Used Condition) etc.
Keywords, Photographs, shipping or returns details are also important.


4. Set The Right Price

One of the most important parts is setting the right product price. Remember one thing: putting the price as per the market value is not mandatory. Keep the price based on the demands and how much sellers are willing or able to pay for the product.
Invest in research on how to charge for some expensive items, like antiques, collectibles, and art. To know more about the appropriate listing price, visit It will help you a lot.


5. Review How Things Are Going On

Once you have completed several sales, it’s time to review how things are going on and develop some improvements. Identify areas where you should make progress. Small changes can do a big difference, so ask some questions to yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with your smartphone? Is it easy or faster to take photos and list items? Do you need to change the quality?
  • Do you have a dedicated shipping area or platform so that you don’t need to move your things here and there whenever you need to send a package?
  • Do you need a more efficient way to collect information like stock photos, specific sources for UPC numbers, etc.?
  • Have you made the customer service process easier, or do you need improvements there too?


How Do I Offer Free Shipping And Still Make Money On eBay?

Good questions come with simple solutions. You can provide free shipping and still earn money on eBay. Simply just incorporate the shipping cost into the item price. You can calculate the shipping cost using eBay’s shipping calculator.


Is It Easy To Make Money Selling On eBay?

At the beginning of your journey, you will face some common issues. But as soon as you start selling on eBay, you will know the right thing. Like where to find products, how to set prices, write descriptions, titles, and ship items.
You will be very comfortable with the process and make money on your own on eBay.



Hopefully, you are now well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to succeed and earn money on eBay. Start your journey as an eBay seller, and good luck to you. If you face any issues, comment below. I will guide you accordingly.

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