Top 5 Genuine Money Making Apps In 2023

Top 5 Genuine Money Making Apps In 2023

by Susmita Dutta
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Life is unpredictable, and your expenses are too. That’s why having some extra bucks in your pocket is always good. But how to do that? How do you manage your necessity and luxury?
We have an excellent solution for that. You don’t need to have the Wizard Stick to fulfill your wish. Your ONE CLICK is more than enough.
Anything is possible in this digital world if you know the correct path. So, let’s figure out the top 5 genuine money-making apps in 2023.


In This Blog, I Will Discuss Five Types Of Apps,

  • Best For Cashback – Rakuten
  • Best For Surveys – Survey Junkie
  • Best For Car Owners – UBER
  • Best For Selling Old Goods – OfferUp
  • Best Overall App – Upwork


Best For Cashback – Rakuten

What if I say cashback can be one of the best mediums of earning? There is a money-making application named Rakuten. Previously known as Ebates, it has become the top money-making app for cashback. Rakuten has several cashback options for online transactions and store purchases. Apart from that, you will be rewarded on sign-up and get referral incentives too.
You must use the mobile application or web version to receive the cashback. Click on the retailer and place an order. You can get cashback for in-store purchases by selecting the app and linking your card before purchasing.
New users can get $10 as a welcome bonus after spending $25. Users can get a $30 referral bonus too.
This app is available on both iOS and Android.


Best For Surveys – Survey Junkie

You need 30 minutes, sometimes less than that, to complete this survey based on demographic questions. This Survey Junkie will offer you instant payment via gift cards on PayPal.
Once you complete the survey, you will receive a few points that you can instantly convert or redeem to gift cards or payment via PayPal. For example, you need to have 500 points to get $5.
You can choose any optional survey from the dashboard. Some surveys may contain repetitive questions to verify your identity. Please keep in mind that Survey Junkie has the right to disqualify if users don’t meet respective criteria at any point during the survey.
The survey Junkie plus extension is available on browser extensions and mobile applications. With this, you can track any digital activity like shopping, searches, websites, etc.
Don’t worry; it keeps user data safe by submitting all responses anonymously.


Best For Car Owners – UBER

Uber is one of the renowned applications. Through this app, you can earn using two methods, i.e. immediate payouts and a streamlined app whenever you accept new work.
This ride-sharing and food delivery giant application makes life easier for anyone willing to earn as a driver. You can accept a ride request or a food delivery offer via UberEats using the same app.
The best part of this app is you can redeem five times daily. Remember your earning may vary depending on a few factors like

  • Standard trip fare – This is a base rate calculated depending on the distance and length of the city. That’s why it varies.
  • Surge Pricing: During the peak season, demand is very high so you can earn some extra bucks.
  • Tips: Chances to get 100% tips from passengers, so keep and save it.


Best For Selling Old Goods – OfferUp

You have used Craiglist, right? OfferUp is the modern version of that app; it allows anyone to sell new or used items using this online marketplace.
OfferUp is a popular marketplace that acquired another competitor app like Letgo. The user interface of this marketplace is easy and simple to use. You will get the freedom to sell your product locally or nationally.
Users can list new products by uploading the product image and proper description and setting a price. There is an option for negotiation for buyers. Customers can communicate directly with the seller through the app. OfferUp mainly offers local transactions, and buyers pay in cash.


Best Overall App – Upwork

For the young generation, it is one of the best applications ever. Since the period of Odesk and Elance, it is still ruling the online market as the most trusted platform for freelancers.
If you are a skilled worker, this is the best money-making application. It has numerous skill categories, limitless earning potential, profile-building features and many more.
You will get several types of jobs here, posted across the globe. As soon as you complete projects, you will get good reviews and ratings, which will help you get more projects from trusted clients worldwide.
Upwork is a secure platform; it ensures that as a freelancer, you will get your payment timely through direct bank transfer, PayPal, wire transfer or other trusted methods listed there.
Being an independent freelancer, you must pay some nominal taxes on your earnings.


Are Money Making Apps Safe And Trustworthy?

Nowadays, there are numerous money-making apps. That’s why you must be more careful before using any unauthorized apps. Most money-making apps offer a small amount of cash after completing tasks like surveys, watching videos, etc.
Legitimate apps have useful information and details about how they protect and pay users. So before enlisting your name or signing up, research a bit about that app. Read reviews, and if using the apps mentioned above is trustworthy, then go for it.


Do Money Making Apps Work?

If you have a smartphone, earn cash smartly using money-making apps. It works and helps you to save some extra money in your wallet. Many mobile apps pay you to take company surveys, watch videos, purchase products, and perform other simple tasks. Remember, none of these apps won’t make you rich, but yes, it will work as an income supplement.


Final Thoughts

All of those 5 legit apps have pros and cons; read and boost your budget to fulfill your dream. You always have a second source of income to enjoy your life to the fullest, so try any of these apps and spread a smile.

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