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Legit Companies That Pay You To Test Products

by Susmita Dutta
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If you are a regular reader of this blog, Financebow, or frequently visit here to read some blogs. Then you must read my last article on Daily Goodie Box, which got a good hype. If you have not read it yet, please look at Discover Daily Delights: Unlock Free Samples Every Day With Daily Goodie Box!

From the DGB site, you can get free stuff or products to test in return for sharing your feedback or reviews. That helps companies to promote their brands. But some amazing sites pay you to test products. In short, this is a product tester job, which helps you earn some money working from home. How’s that sound? Cool? Right!

So, let’s check out the top 7 legit companies that pay you to test products at your home.


What Is Product Testing, And How Does It Work?

It is a marketing strategy and a useful way for companies to get honest user feedback against a service or product before it launches. This is an exchange offer; companies ship some products to you in return for your candid feedback. At the end of this procedure, some companies allow you to keep the products forever, and some pay you in cash for testing the products or services.

But how do you find those companies or sites that will offer you cash for testing products at home? How do you know if those are legit companies or not?

Luckily, some reputed companies are looking for some taster to test products and share real feedback in return.


How To Get Paid To Test Products From Home?

As you will get this facility of getting free products for testing, you must visit some sites. So, the first step is to register on several websites to avail the paid product testing gigs. Each site has its rules and regulations; read those carefully and fill out a short form with all the necessary information, which helps companies match your demography with relevant products to test or review.

How much you can earn depends on the types of programs and factors you select to join the site. Try to join more programs and explore ways to make more money as a product tester.


1. Homescan

First, you need to sign up here for free; only then can you become a product tester with Homescan. They will provide you with a scanner or direct access to their mobile application. Whenever you shop, make sure to scan the barcode of the products to earn points. Apart from that, you can participate in the company survey, which will also help you earn some additional points. That way, you can automatically enter weekly, monthly and quarterly sweepstakes.

Remember one thing, Homescan never pays any cash, don’t worry; you can redeem the points to earn gift cards and merchandise.


2. American Consumer Opinion

ACOP is another popular site that pays for survey and product testing. You must share your experience or opinion on their advertising campaigns, ideas for new products, economy, and many more to avail of this.

Registration is simple and easy; just create an account using Google or Facebook login. Once you become a panel member, you can participate in several surveys yearly. Per the survey, you just need to invest 10 minutes to answer short, easy questions.

After completing each survey, you will get some points that can be cashed out via PayPal. If you want, you can donate the points, too, to charity. Apart from that, you can use those points to enter several sweepstakes to win cash or other prizes.


3. Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is a bit different from other companies. It focuses on upcoming products that haven’t been launched yet. When you complete the survey or honestly complete the questionnaires about the item, the company will pay you via points. You can easily redeem those points into gift cards, cash, and brand-name merchandise.

This company has a flat rate of $3 per survey. But make sure your household information should match; otherwise, you will get a notification that there are no openings available right now.


4. JJ Friends & Neighbors (Johnson & Johnson)

One of the biggest and globally renowned brands is Johnson and Johnson. Companies like Aveeno, Clean & Clear, Neutrogena, Roc, and other top brands you use or have in your home, come under this big brand called Johnson & Johnson. And it also owns the JJ Friends & Neighbors program that welcomes you to test its products for free, and you can keep those products to you before they launch in the market.

Anyone can join their online survey or test their products, like smelling fragrances, makeup and self-care products. The company will send an email to let you know about your eligibility so that you can participate in a test. The best part is if you are living in the NYC area, you may be selected or participate in the company’s dedicated sensory panels.



Do you have sharp eyesight? If you notice every single detail whenever you visit a website. Then you might get paid for testing the website by signing up for UserTesting. Sounds cool, right?

So, to start this, you need to create an account, download the software, now visit the websites or apps, and give an honest answer to the questions about your experience. If your demographic background is matched well with the site’s target audience, you can do the product testing of the websites as many as you want.

For example, if Facebook is preparing a test of a new feature with 60+ men in Alaska, but your age is only 30 or 32, and you live in Florida. It is quite possible that you won’t be able to see the test or get a notification in your inbox.

The important thing, make sure you have a reliable internet connection, a microphone, and a way to download its software. Remember, you must describe elaborately what you like and dislike about the website. It will take 20 minutes to complete each test, and you will earn $10 per survey via PayPal.


6. NetGalley

Are you an avid reader? And do you wish to receive some free eBooks? Then go and register for NetGalley. This site will blow your mind. Through NetGalley, you can request advanced reader books directly from the publisher in return for honest reviews.

Once the publisher accepts your request, you will get the book and need to read it to share your honest feedback. There are various ways to share your reviews, like using a feedback form; you can share your feedback, use social media or share on your blog if you have that.

Remember that this site will not pay you for the reviews, it’s free to join, and you can collect some books free of cost in exchange for your feedback.


7. BzzAgent

You can get free products through BzzAgent. Sign up now so that the company will send you the qualifying surveys. Authority will review your answers, and based on that, you will be selected for the campaign. Once selected, you will receive a BzzKit with all the products you want to try.

After that, share your honest feedback following the instructions which you will get from the company. Post your thoughts or feedback on social media, or write a product review.

There is also no compensation for joining the survey, but you can keep the products with you.


You Can Get Paid To Test Products (Conclusion)

There is no doubt that product testing is an interesting way to earn some extra money. These are the legit companies that pay you to test products or services. You will get a reward for sharing your honest opinion. You can make approximately $25 per hour for testing products if you participate in multiple panels.

So, why are you waiting? You have the website list; enjoy trying new products and services and share honest opinions or feedback. You can consider this part-time work as a product tester if you want.

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