Maximizing Your Online Earning With Google AdSense

Maximizing Your Online Earning With Google AdSense

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu
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One of the most convenient ways to earn money online is with Google AdSense. Today about 47 million websites have Google AdSense which includes giant companies like Forbes and BBC. Google is not only the most popular search engine today, but also one of the best digital advertising agencies. They earn billions of dollars in revenue from ads only.

Google AdSense is a platform that connects advertisers with website owners. You can earn money by displaying ads on your website. It is an advertising strategy that requires no fees. You only need to have enough traffic to your website so that they click on your ads and with every click you earn money. You will be in control of the ads and decide where they will pop up and how they will appear. Your earnings will depend on the website niche; for example, you can earn the most from the law niche this year. Some other profitable niches include cryptocurrency, technology, insurance, and the automobile industry. These niches have high returns on investment and there is a high chance that each click on the ad with convert to a sale. Apart from the type of niche, other factors like traffic volume, ad placements, click-through rates, and Geolocation also determine how much you will earn from Google AdSense.


Advantages Of Google AdSense

The Google AdSense is so popular for a reason. People are earning from it regularly. It provides various opportunities to increase your revenue. Here are some of the benefits of Google AdSense.

  Google can access the world’s largest search database; there are more than 50 billion web pages that are indexed.

  You can join for free and the setup doesn’t need any technical knowledge.

  It’s appropriate even if you have as low as less than 10k visitors per month.

  You can use the auto ads option to customize ads according to your website.

  You can monetize more than one website with a single AdSense account.

  You can use it to monetize YouTube and content.

  The responsive ad will be optimized to fit the screen of any device.

  You will have access to different types of ads to increase your revenue.

  You are in full control of the ads; you can add sites, delete ads, or customize them.


How Does It Work

You can start with Google AdSense with some simple steps. Google will match the relevant ads with the website content and publish them. Once you open the account your website will be available in the Google Display Network. It takes about 24 hours to 2 weeks to get your Google AdSense account approved. The advertisers pay for the ads. Google must decide which ad to display. For this, they run an auction, and the advertiser who bids the highest win. After the ad is displayed on your website and if someone clicks on it you will get paid. Advertisers like this platform as they pay only when a person clicks on the ad, making the platform very cost-effective. You should come up with strategies to get huge traffic to your site, like using SEO, Social Media Channels, YouTube Marketing, and others.

Before you start working on Google AdSense you should know the prerequisites. You need to be an adult with access to your website’s HTML source code. Your website must have high-quality and sufficient content to appeal to the audience. Here are the steps to monetize your website or YouTube channel in detail.


Create A Google Account And Sign Up

First, you will need to create a Google AdSense account. For this, you need a Google account and it will give you access to all the Google services like Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs, Google Analytics, Google Ads, and others. Once you have a Google AdSense account, you can set up your ads and payment details. You can start earning from Google AdSense by signing up at


Choose AdSense For Content or AdSense For YouTube

Google AdSense has two programs: AdSense for Content and AdSense for YouTube. You should sign up for AdSense for Content if you want to create a blog or website. Choose AdSense for YouTube if you want to create YouTube channels. To start AdSense for Content you need to give your website’s URL, the kind of content in it, and the number of visitors every month. That means before you sign up for this, you need to create a website, add quality content, and get some traffic. For AdSense for YouTube, you must give the URL of the YouTube channel, number of subscribers, number of views on YouTube videos, and YouTube Shorts. You should remember to avoid publishing any content related to adult materials or pornography, pirated content, illegal drugs, or hacking tutorials as these contents violate Google AdSense policy.


Verify Account

After you have signed up add the website under the ‘Sites’ tab. You will get a small code to add to your website. You should add a verification code to the website’s code. To verify the YouTube channel, you need to include the verification code in the YouTube settings. If you have original content and good traffic your YouTube channel and website will get verified quickly. You have to provide your personal information like name, telephone number, address, and others to verify your account. It may take up to two weeks to get the verification done. You will get a confirmation email and an HTML code that you will need to insert in your website. After that, you can start including ads on your website. You can get multiple ad codes and add them to the website.


Insert AdSense Ads

After verification of your website or YouTube channel, you can include AdSense ads. You need to create an AdSense ad unit by clicking the ‘Ads’ tab and selecting ‘By Ad Unit’. You can then choose from the various types of ads. The ads will fit different sizes of screens automatically. Here is a short description of these ads.

Display Ads

These are the normal banner ads that include images, text, and even video. The publisher chooses an ad of a particular size to be displayed. Make sure you publish the ad in responsive mode; that way the ads will automatically adapt to the device’s screen. You can use them in sticky form, that is the ad units will remain on a particular section of the screen frozen no matter where you scroll.

In-Feed Ads

These ads appear inside a feed. These ads are good for those who have product listings and offer great customization. So, they are appropriate for eCommerce stores. Just like the news feed on your Facebook, feeds are used for different pages.

In-Article Ads

This ad provides a great experience. If you have long content then this type of ad is suitable; you can easily fit the ads in between the article. The ads are placed in such a way that they don’t interfere with the readers’ reading. You can change the color of the font of these ads.

Multiplex Ads

Google AdSense displays native ads here. These ads usually appear after the article is finished, but you can place them on the top too. Multiplex ads show thumbnail-sized ads so that the users can pick whichever is relevant to them. These ads are often located at the end of the content or on the sidebar and they run on one big ad unit.

Custom Search Ads

If you have a search engine on your site then the ads will appear in the search results. So, if anyone clicks on the ad, you will get paid. You can include a Google search bar on your site so that users can find relevant content easily. The ads are chosen using different targeting which includes contextual targeting, personalized targeting, network targeting, and placement targeting.

After you have chosen your ad, you need to provide the ad unit name, the ad’s size and format, location, and targeting options. You should use the YouTube Studio dashboard to place ads on your YouTube channel.


Increase Traffic

To earn a good amount of money from Google AdSense, you need huge traffic to your website or YouTube Channel. You should promote your site using the social media platforms or other means. You must post valuable content on your social media pages regularly. You can also use search engine optimization (SEO) by doing keyword research. Once your website gets a high rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs), your website traffic will automatically increase.


Google AdSense Optimization

First, decide what type of website you want to create. You can choose blogs, media sites, forums, online games, or social networking sites. Your content should be of high quality so that audiences looking for your website content-related products will visit your site. Here are some AdSense optimization tricks that you can apply.

  Use multiple ad units to improve your click rates. You should choose from the different types of ads and sizes of ads. The recommended ad sizes are 300X250, 336X280, 300X600, or 728X90. You can publish text, images, or video ads.

⚡  The placement of the ad is very important. Your ad must show up on the top of the page to earn more. Place the ads in a position that doesn’t require scrolling. You can put it above the fold, below the fold, sidebar, or in-content. The ad density must be less than 30% of the content.

  A/B tests the ads always. By experimenting with ads you can find out which one is performing well. You should work with different features of the ad to select the best one.

  The ads must be responsive so that the viewers can view your ad well on any device they use. The ads will adjust to the size of the screen automatically. It has been found that responsive ads get more click-through rate (CTR).

  Link your AdSense account with the Google Analytics account. That way you can track the number of clicks per ad, revenue earned, impressions, and other things. You can use this information to adjust your ad for better results.

  You should focus on the user experience. Quality content, placement of ads, density of ads, navigation, and other factors can enhance the user experience, thus improving the click-through rate.

  You can go for geo-specific targeting to improve your AdSense performance. Consider the cultural differences and set your ad message and visuals accordingly.


Monitor Google AdSense Performance

Once the ads start running on your website or YouTube channels, you must monitor them regularly. Google Analytics can help you track your ads and give insights about their performance. You can also use the AdSense dashboard to see the click-through rate (CTR), ad impressions, earnings, and other metrics. Then you can optimize the ad placements, content, and format to improve your earnings. You may also try out different ad options.


Adhere To Google AdSense Policies

You must follow the AdSense policies to prevent your account from being blocked. Don’t click on ads yourself or pay others to click on them. You must not use bots to drive more traffic or include AI-generated content in your website. Also, don’t publish content on controversial topics like drugs, pornography, and others.


Google AdSense Payments

Google AdSense offers various payment models which include CPC and CPM. You can get paid by wire transfer, Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), Western Union, Check, and other payment methods. For the first time when you earn $10, Google AdSense will send a pin to your address. It is also a way to verify your home address. After that you will receive money once a month, usually after the 21st provided that you earn at least $100; otherwise the amount will be rolled over to the next month. Before withdrawing money, you should give your tax information and confirmation of identity.

Your click-through-rates (CTR) must be more than 1% all the time to get the best results from AdSense. In the case of YouTube channels, you need 1000 subscribers, 10 million Shorts views, or 4000 watch hours to get your content monetized. To receive your payment you should give your bank information in the ‘Payments’ tab on the Google AdSense dashboard. Google charges advertisers a charge whenever a person clicks on the ads. Google AdSense will give you a commission depending on the number of clicks or impressions on your website. You will get 51% to 68% of whatever amount Google gets from the advertisers for every click.


Final Thoughts

Google AdSense is a great source of passive income. You don’t need to make any adjustments for a long time to keep your income coming in. However it is highly recommended that you analyze and monitor your ad to increase your earnings. Your content must be organic and you can do experiments with the contents to see how your number of website views vary. You should place your ads in high-traffic regions of the YouTube channel or your website. This will increase the website view and you will earn more. Try experimenting with different types of ads. You should look at Google Trends to learn about the trending topics. Google Analytics will help you to measure your ROI and performance. Never delve into unethical practices to earn more money. Follow the Google AdSense policies all the time and refrain from malpractices like clicking on your ads, paying people to click on the ads, or redirecting users to the wrong site. People are earning millions of dollars with Google AdSense. By applying the right strategies and being patient, you can earn so much money too!

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