How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

by Susmita Dutta
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If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die. – Warren Buffett.

It is 100% true in every aspect of life. Whether you are willing to generate a second source of income or are a full-time blogger or a freelancer, you should always manage a second source of income. If you want to make money when you are asleep, Affiliate marketing is the best and most effective way. In fact, it is the oldest way to earn a good amount of money.

Welcome to the world of affiliate marketing. With this process, you can earn a good commission by promoting a brand’s product or services.

In this blog, I will explain everything about affiliate marketing, like what it means, how it works, why you should do affiliate marketing and how to start this marketing.


What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It is an old marketing strategy that helps people earn a commission to promote someone else’s brand and services. Affiliate partners are rewarded with some payout for generating leads or business for the advertiser or retailers.

It’s a sale promotion or marketing. Most affiliate programs are free to join, so you don’t need to worry about it. It is a profitable idea to get a healthy income.


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

The algorithm of affiliate marketing is very simple. It allows you or the affiliates to promote and sell services or products of a company in return for a commission on every single sale. Whenever the affiliates successfully generate sales or lead through the individual or unique affiliate link, they get the commission for redirecting the customers to the company.

Let’s Make It Simple; This Is How It Works:

➡ An individual affiliate displays the link as an advertisement for a particular company on their website, blog or social media networks.
➡ A random customer clicks on the unique affiliate link.
➡ And purchase on the respective company website or store.
➡ The affiliate company or the network records the purchase or leads.
➡ When the affiliate company confirms the purchase.
➡ The individual affiliate gets the commission for that lead.

Remember, commission varies according to every company’s terms and conditions. The lowest you can earn is about 5% for each successful sale. But some reputed brands provide more than that, a huge amount, like 50%. And some companies provide flat rates instead of a commission or percentage.


Why Should You Do Affiliate Marketing?

You should do affiliate marketing for two reasons.

1. Low-Cost And Low-Risk

Launching a new startup or venture can be risky and expensive too. You need to invest in products, employees, equipment, rent etc. But with affiliate marketing, you need to have a well-optimized website.

2. Easy To Scale

As you know, an ordinary salesperson sells products from a single company. But being an affiliate marketer, you can promote or generate leads for multiple companies and earn more commissions. So, there is room to scale up yourself in this field.


How Do Affiliate Marketers Make Money?

Different affiliate marketing programs work with various payment methods like price models, payout models, conversion types, etc. Each model has specific payment options. If you promote a SaaS product, you will get a commission on every download or app install. If you promote physical development, you will get paid for each purchase the customer makes.

Some common payment structures are as follows:

Pay Per Sale (PPS):

PPS is the most common payment method that helps every affiliate to receive the commission after every successful sale they generate for the company or merchant.

Pay Per Click (PPC):

Affiliates earn a commission when a user or customer clicks on their affiliate link. Whether they purchase or not.

Pay Per Lead (PPL):

The individual affiliate gets the commission when a referred customer or user fills out a form, signs up for a trial, or initiates any other actions considered a lead.

Revenue Sharing:

In this case, the affiliate receives a percentage of the revenue generated by the customer instead of a flat fee based on every sale.


How To Become An Affiliate Marketer?

There are two effective ways to get started with affiliate marketing to make money.

⦿ Create an attractive and optimized blog or website in any niche you are good at.

⦿ Choose some effective and trending products or services to promote.


How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing?

If you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you must learn some effective tricks. And stop repeating the mistakes made by fellow novice bloggers.

Step 1: Create Content That Generates Affiliate Revenue

The first thing you must stop is publishing some random content with affiliate links inside the article. Most beginners believe this strategy works like a fire, but it is a kind of experiment. It may or may not work. But if you want to boost your revenue, publish informative and high-value content for your audience.

Your target audience wants to buy a product or service, but they are in a dilemma about whether it works properly. They may need help with which product they should buy or how it will fulfill their needs and requirements.

As a responsible affiliate marketer, you must help your users determine the right product according to their requirements. So, always make high-quality content with proper information. It will help them make the right decision and navigate to the company’s website to complete the purchase.


Step 2: Promote Your Affiliate Products In The Content

When you know what type of content you need to publish, now you research some good topics that can be tempting for your audience. Do keyword research if you want; using ChatGPT, you can get content ideas and start inserting affiliate links in your content.

If you want my advice, go for the product review. Take 5 to 7 products and describe all the benefits, pros and cons of each product, and share multiple affiliate links to boost your chances of making more sales.

Remember These Tips To Get More Sales:

✪ Insert Link Where Appropriate.

Always put affiliate links as per your content; if the link doesn’t fit with your article, never use it. Otherwise, it will negatively impact your user, and you may hit lost sales for an extended period.

✪ Add Links At The Top Of The List Or Paragraph.

Add affiliate links at the top of your paragraph or list when adding multiple products. Because, nowadays, people only have time to read a part of the article. So, to ensure they check your links, put them as top as you can without harming the content flow.

✪ Use Some Chatbox To Showcase Your Products.

Along with your links, showcasing your products in a chatbox, floating bars, or inline banners will work much better than just content and links. It will enhance the impact of your article and lead to more sales.


Step 3: Optimize Your Existing Traffic For More Revenue

Figure out which content works best for your site. Which type of content resonates with your audience so that you can create the same kind of articles to increase your affiliate traffic and sales?

Check out the Google Analytics dashboard, identify the articles that bring traffic to your site and work according to that niche. You can use some Google Analytics plugins to collect data.

Once you start uploading profitable content, you can save time and boost revenue from the website.


Step 4: Grow Affiliate Revenue From Your Email List

Last but not least, the magic trick: Email marketing. It is still the best way to generate a passive income. Other methods have 50 – 50 % changes, but this works 100%.

SEO also works great, but it also has a boundary. If Google changes its algorithm, it will change your ranking too. Generating paid ads can also pressure your wallet and need your constant attention to keep the conversion rate high.

You don’t have any control over these things, but with the email list, you have a full grip on the traffic. If you have those who are already interested in your niche, you have a bright chance to grow faster. They are engaged with your content, which will help you in your affiliate marketing campaigns very well.

To make it more effective, you can use toggling popups, fullscreen welcome mats etc, using the lead magnets. Through this lead magnet, your users will share their email addresses. So, there won’t be any chances of email bounce.


Final Thoughts

This article will help you to get a clear concept of affiliate marketing. But inject one thing in your mind never expects a life-changing income or a good substitute for your 9 to 5 job overnight.

Affiliate marketing takes time. So, have patience, focus on your first sale, slowly improve your site, and boost your goals through various experiments.

This is how you can make money with affiliate marketing and generate a decent income.

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