The Secret To Motivation

by Zunaira Amjad
The Secret To Motivation

It is a common problem that many people struggle with: motivation. It can be difficult to get going when you just don’t feel like it, and it’s even more challenging when you have a big task ahead of you. Luckily, there are some easy tips to help yourself get motivated when you need it most! In this blog post we will cover the following topics:

1) Tips From The Experts

2) Identifying Your Motivation Type

3) How To Increase Your Energy Level When You Need It Most


Tips From The Experts

Take A Break – sometimes procrastination is because your brain needs some time to recharge. Try taking a walk around the block or doing something else for 15 minutes that you enjoy, and see if it helps!

Don’t Try To Motivate yourself by focusing on why you don’t want to do it. Instead, focus on what you have to gain by getting started now.


Identifying Your Motivation Type

Some people are motivated by wanting to be productive, while others are more driven towards avoiding negative consequences. Knowing what type of motivation works best for you can help you get started when your mind just doesn’t want to cooperate. It can be helpful to think about what types of things motivate you. The following list contains the different motivators that people usually identify with:

o Sense of Accomplishment – this is when you feel good about yourself and your abilities by seeing progress, even if it’s just a small step.

o Perfectionist – this is when you want to get things just right and avoid making mistakes.

o Sense of Responsibility – focus on what other people expect from you, rather than your own expectations for yourself.

Put Your Motivation Into Perspective. Is this task really worthy of the stress and feelings of inadequacy that come with procrastination? Even if it’s not, do you really want to spend your time stressing out about this?


Some Practical Tips to Identify your motivation type?

Think about the last time you were motivated to do something? What was it that got you started? The fear of negative consequences, or the desire to be productive and successful?

If it is easier for you to visualize yourself achieving your goals by focusing on avoiding failure than trying out new things, then Negative Motivation might work best for you.

If it is easier for you to visualize yourself achieving your goals by focusing on wanting to be successful, then Positive Motivation might work best for you.


How To Increase Your Energy Level When You Need It Most

Sometimes we lack the energy needed even though we know what needs to happen and why we need to do it. The following list contains a few techniques that can help you increase your energy level when you need to get going:

Start With A Good Breakfast – eating something healthy will give you the energy needed to take on big tasks

Exercise – even a quick workout can give you a burst of energy and make it easier to find the motivation

Take A Nap – if your body is feeling worn down after a long day, try taking a short power nap in order to recharge!

Drink Some Coffee – caffeine can give you that extra boost when your energy starts to lag

Reward Yourself – once you start making progress on your task, whether it’s writing an essay or cleaning the house, you should reward yourself for a job well done. This will motivate you to keep going!

Eat Something Healthy – there’s nothing worse than starting to feel lethargic after you’ve been working hard, so make sure that you eat a good meal at lunchtime to help you stay focused.

Listen To Some Upbeat Music – it may seem silly, but listening to songs that get you pumped can help you feel motivated and re-energized!


Pro Tip

If all else fails, think of your favorite animal. Why? Because research has shown that looking at pictures of cute animals can make people happier and more positive even when they don’t expect it. So, if you’re having trouble getting started on a task, look at a picture of an adorable puppy or kitten to help you think more positively.



Using these tips, you’ll be able to identify what motivates you and how it works best. You can then use this information to your advantage whenever needed!

References: Pang, J., & Yan, Z. (2006). Be good and just do it! Positive affect increases self-efficacy and task performance in computer games among Chinese adolescents Journal of Applied Social Psychology 36(11), 2868-2889 DOI: 0.1111/j.1559-1816.2006.tb02103

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