Five-Step Advice To Land A Career You Love

by Zunaira Amjad
Five-Step Advice To Land A Career You Love

A career is something a person does for most of his/her life to make a living. But people take it just as a source of income and forget that it is comprised of a large part of their lives which leads to mistakes in career decisions. Besides this what is important in making career decisions? There are a number of ways to land a job that is rewarding both mentally and monetarily.

Proceed With Self-Awareness

Prior to leaning toward one career over another, you must first identify yourself, and your expected lifestyle. I am skipping what motivates you to get out of bed because it is too philosophical and at least I know for myself that getting out of bed is not derived from a career/hobby or any particular motivation. So, let’s go easy with the process.

The unfortunate reality is that many people have endured such a miserable job for so long that they have forgotten what they desired from work.

Sitting holding a pen and notebook to record answers to these questions will not help. if you want to record true answers start thinking while doing something that ignites such thoughts. It might be an hour before sleep or time spent doing cooking, dish-washing, working out, etc. The activity can vary from person to person.

For example, the most related thoughts about the drawbacks of your current life and career will come to your mind during your working hours. Keep them in mind.

There are numerous resources available to assist you in easing the strain while also enhancing your self-awareness. Meditation can help in better understanding your mental and physical requirements. Usually, at this step, people recommend reading books and taking personality tests. But believe me, everything is inside you I look for it in the outer world. Try practical steps, avoid philosophies that delay the process.

These guidelines are not intended to replace your Bible. They do, however, provide a new perspective on aspects of oneself that you were previously unaware of.

We talked about the time when you will remember the drawbacks of your current career now you need to know what makes you happy? The answer is spending your time the way you spent and noting the moments of happiness and contentment. For example, holding my laptop and starting my first draft of any piece of writing is of contentment for me and I plan anything career-related around it.

Focus On The Monetary Side Of Your Findings

When you found out what you should avoid or what are you going to pursue now you need to explore the money side of things you want to pursue as a career. For that do market analysis whether such projects, jobs, etc. exists? If yea then how much they are earning. It might be a hectic process but keep your dreams in mind and keep going.

Find Practical Advice

Choose someone in your network who is familiar with you and can serve as an advocate for you. They can be from the related field or outside from it. The ones from within the field will advise you about the technical aspects of your field and the ones outside of the field should have trust in you.

Individuals who are invested in your production, who push you, and who encourage you are individuals you should keep close to throughout proactive growth periods. They do not have to be a well-known figures in your target industry. They only need to offer guidance and assist you in identifying your hobbies.  This individual may be able to provide insight into your preferred career, act as a recommendation for you, review your resume, or assist you in expanding your network of chances.  Additionally, they’re excellent for venting through difficult times.  You can find both types by working on your networking skills. By the way, LINKEDIN is great to start with.

Work On Your Skillset

The thing you enjoy doing doesn’t need to be the one you are best at. To market it you need to work on your skillset. Volunteer or apprentice for organizations that allow you to exchange your time and skills for the opportunity to learn about a certain industry. Alternatively, a variety of credentials can help you advance in a certain sector.

A night school or online class would be an excellent way to gain an advantage. If you’re short on time or unsure where to begin, browse related online courses (once we’re all permitted to gather again).

This site features a plethora of various specialized groups where you may meet and interact with like-minded people. Attending networking events or webinars is another way to gain additional insight.

Additionally, there are other websites such as Udemy that offer an incredible selection of courses to attempt. Regardless of how you acquire relevant experience or abilities, it’s always beneficial to begin dipping your toes into relevant social networks and staying current in the sector.

A Word Of Caution: Gaining knowledge on a particular career route may lead you away from the job or industry that you initially desired. This is a wonderful thing in the long term, but it’s always strange to change one’s aspirations.

Get It Let It Roll

This is the final phase after you’ve gained knowledge about yourself, your objectives, and the sector in which you first desired employment. Rebrand yourself by updating your CV, Cover Letter, and Social Media accounts to reflect your new career objectives and to showcase newly acquired talents.

The more polished your image is, the more transparent your degree of commitment to your new career appears. And businesses appreciate invested individuals.

Ascertain that your personal brand is genuine, consistent, and customized for each position for which you compete. Your brand should be unique to you. Because you, my buddy, are completely deserving of being sold to the world.

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