Is Property Investing Properly Investing

Is Property Investing Properly Investing?

An In-Depth Look At Property Investment vs Trading

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In the past, property investing has been seen as a less “proper” way to invest. However, with increasingly volatile stock markets and decreasing interest rates from banks around the world, it is now more important than ever to diversify your portfolio. In this blog post, I will discuss six reasons why you should consider property investing as an option for your investment strategy!


Understand Investment Properties

Investing in property is not as simple as buying a house or apartment and then sitting back to watch the money roll into your bank account. Most investors will need to put time, effort, and (yes) even money into their investment before they see any return on it. Therefore, make sure you understand exactly what you are getting yourself into before you start investing in property.

There’s no denying that buying your own house is an exciting time, but it can also be overwhelming! When you’re considering whether or not to take out a home loan, make sure to involve someone like Hooke & Co when thinking about where the best place for your money would be.


Types Of Investment Properties

The main types of properties that an investor would be interested in our residential, commercial, and industrial. Residential property is just your average house or apartment block where people live. Commercial properties include shopping centers, warehouses, and office buildings which can provide you with a steady income each month through rent payments from the businesses that own them. Industrial properties are typically factories or buildings that will be used by a specific business or company.


Income From Investment Properties

One of the most important aspects to consider when looking at investing in property is what income you can expect from your investment. You may have found yourself a great deal on an apartment building, but if there are only four apartments it won’t make you much money! It’s important to consider how much income your property will make before you buy it.

Location is also very important when considering the type of investment properties that you should be looking for. You might find yourself an amazing deal on a house, but if it is in the middle of nowhere there may not be anyone who wants to live in it!


Earnings On Investment Properties

The type of property you invest in is one thing, but the earnings that it can produce are another. If you have a couple of million dollars lying around and want to buy an investment property then chances are you won’t be too worried about how much money your house will make each year if it costs less than $15,000 to maintain it. However, if you are looking at buying a smaller investment property then the cost of owning and maintaining that property needs to be taken into consideration as well as what kind of money can be made from renting it out each month.


Property Investment vs Property Trading

Many people who buy properties for their own use will also try their hand at buying and selling properties to earn a profit. In many ways, this is similar to stock market trading where you buy low in one area of the country or world and then sell high in another area. However, there are some key differences between property investment and property trading which makes them very different from each other!

In general, if you are looking for a property to live in, then you should be buying that home yourself. This is because if you buy the property through an agent or real estate company, they will charge you extra fees on top of your purchase price which can add up over time!


Property Investment

If you are planning on purchasing one or two properties with the aim of making money in the future, then property investment is what you should be focusing on. This means that rather than purchasing a home to live in yourself (or for friends or family), instead purchase it with the aim of renting it out to tenants who will pay you each month. If your tenant struggles to make payments on time then this might not be the right type of investment for you!


Property Trading

If the thought of having to deal with tenants and maintenance fees scares you, then perhaps property trading is a better option. This means that instead of buying homes to live in yourself (or rent out), instead purchase them with the aim of selling them at a higher price than what you bought them for. This means that you can make money without worrying about the financial responsibilities of rents and other fees!



Investing in property can be a great way to earn money and build up your wealth over time. However, the type of property you buy and whether it is for commercial or industrial use will have an impact on how much income you can expect from that property long term!

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