How To Get Free And Discounted Products On Amazon

How To Get Free And Discounted Products On Amazon

by Susmita Dutta
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In the last blog, I explained how to make money on Amazon. If you followed that blog, you are aware of generating money from Amazon. Do you know you can get free and discounted products on Amazon?
YES!!! Amazon is a great place to explore; you can save money while shopping through Amazon, sell and earn money through Amazon, and now you can get free products from Amazon.
This is the ultimate guide for those willing to know this trick and get free or discounted products on Amazon.


Why Can You Get Free Stuff On Amazon?

Sellers of Amazon will be more than happy to share free items with renowned customers, and there are some good reasons behind this.

Generate More Sales

Sellers always want to generate sales, so they offer you free items to improve their target. As you will promote them, they would love to offer you some free stuff on Amazon.


Sellers Need Reviews

If you are doing affiliate marketing or sharing product reviews on social media or websites. Then they will like to offer you a free item so that you generate positive reviews and assist them in getting more sales.


Sellers Need To Clean Up Their Inventory

As you know, sellers have many products in their inventory, and they need to pay some fees to store them for a long time. So, rather than destroying them, they prefer to sell those products at a discount or give them free of cost to the customers because it is also beneficial to them.


How To Get Free Stuff On Amazon?

Check out the below 5 methods to get free stuff on Amazon.

1. The Fastest Way To Get Free Stuff On Amazon

Visit the site It is a free product Amazon website where you will get a 100% discount on some selected products and major discounts on other products.
As many people have yet to learn about this website, it’s a good opportunity to visit and claim the free stuff. It is one of the best and fastest ways; you don’t need to put effort there.
Visit the site, sign up to create an account, and click to view and ‘BUY’ the product you like. No need to review the product. The best part is you can visit this site,, daily and avail of the product daily.


2. Facebook Groups Give Free Amazon Products

Facebook is a strong marketing platform, no doubt about it. So utilize it properly. You will get many Facebook groups that offer free Amazon products. But remember, they are providing free stuff in exchange for reviews.
Be careful before revealing any information to any page until you know its authentication. Each group has different terms and conditions, so read before you follow their process.


3. Free Amazon Products On

Note down the name of another interesting website,, that offers Amazon sellers access to well-known influences or people who will provide powerful reviews for products.
Before getting started, you need to apply to the website; once they verify and approve you, you can claim the products. Ensure you follow some criteria like having strong Twitter followers, a blog, or other necessary criteria.


4. Be An Amazon Pro Reviewer

Do you have a YouTube channel or blog with high traffic or many followers? Then you can be a successful pro reviewer for Amazon. If you have a strong social media presence, you can easily get many free products on Amazon for being a pro-reviewer.
You could be a long-race horse if you make such appealing videos that will surely grab the attention of other branded companies, and you can build a strong business.


5. Free Items Anyone Can Get On Amazon

Not only are these tricks mentioned above, but Amazon is also much more than that.

Kindle eBooks

Let me tell you one of the easiest ways, the Kindle eBooks that are free to browse. Amazon is the hub of various books; you will get many free books there for avid readers.
Note that some are free due to copyright, and some are free due to a limited period until a new author comes up.

Sample Box Program

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Then you can easily purchase sample boxes. Don’t worry. You will get your money back via Amazon vouchers; it’s a digital gift card.
But what does this box contain? It contains everything you need, like free food, sample products, brand-new products, and other expensive items.
Please note that only one sample box is allotted per customer.

Free Cloud Storage On The Amazon Drive

Amazon also offers cloud storage, upto 5GB free on Amazon Drive. If you are a prime user, you can get unlimited photo storage, including this free 5GB.

Free Apps

Does Amazon have a lot of free apps that you can download easily? Like the Music, click Low to High to see all these free apps. There is some great stuff that you can use. Read the reviews before you try anything.

Free Audiobooks

Do you love listening to audiobooks? Audible is an Amazon-connected site, and you can get two free audiobooks during your trial period.
Sign up there with a new email and get access to the promotional offers.

Amazon Prime Free Trial

What if I tell you that you can get Amazon Prime free for SIX months? You don’t even need to use any promotional codes.
Shocking right? But it’s true. You need to have a student email address. With this, you will also get access to free music, TV, movies, and postage.



So, how do you feel? Without a second thought, go and grab the opportunity and enjoy the free stuff on Amazon. You can avail all of these attractive features and benefits free of cost.

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